Regulations of the competition

Children’s drawing competition "Water in our world"


Basic information

1. The manufacturer of spring and natural mineral water VENDEN organizes a drawing competition for pupils of pre-school educational institutions (kindergartens).

2. The communication agency A. W. Olsen & Partners is responsible for the competition.

3. The name of the drawing competition is "Water in our world".

4. The competition takes place in several stages:

  • Preparation and submission of drawings: February 21 – March 6;
  • Vote for the best drawing: March 7 – March 20;
  • Announcement of winners on March 22.

5. Awards are intended for the purchase of sports equipment or teaching materials (by prior agreement with each specific institution) given to pre-school education institutions (first three places), whose pupils’ drawings will receive the largest number of votes:

  • the 1st place – not exceeding 800 euros;
  • the 2nd place – not exceeding 400 euros;
  • the 3rd place – not exceeding 300 euros.

6. Authors of drawings that will win the first three places will be given special surprise awards from VENDEN.

Rules for participants

7. Pupils in pre-school education or private pre-school education institutions between the age of two and seven, are invited to take part in the competition entitled “Water in our World”, either individually or in groups.

8. Children are not limited in their imagination when preparing a drawing in A4 format, creating a work in a plane, choosing a technique freely – pencils, felt tip pens, crayons, watercolours, gouache, appliqué, etc.

9. The representative of the educational institution (for example, the teacher or a nurse, or another representative of the kindergarten) must upload the prepared drawing (there may be several from the group) saved electronically in JPG, JPEG or PNG format (scanned or photographed) until March 6, 2022 (including) on the website and fill in the submission form. Content of the submission form:

  • name, surname, name of the pre-school institution, position, e-mail, contact telephone number of the applicant and group (information required for communication with the educational institution and identification – will not be made public);
  • the child’s name, surname, age, and the exact name of the pre-school education institution, as well as, optionally, the name or description of the drawing (information is required to identify the author and award the prize to the winners of the first three places);
  • all personal data received during the competition will be permanently deleted within 2 months from the end of the competition.


10. In the period between March 7 and March 20, 2022, the uploaded drawings will participate in a public vote with to determine the winners.

11. The website for voting is

12. In order to vote, visitors of the website must log in via Facebook or Google user profiles.

13. A person may vote for an unlimited number of drawings, but not more than once for the same drawing per day.

14. The following information about the author of the drawing will be made public in the vote: name; initial of the surname, age, name of the educational institution.

Additional information

15. When applying for participation in the competition, applicants (pre-school educational institutions) must obtain approvals for a public vote on the prepared drawing on the website specified by VENDEN.

16. VENDEN reserves the right to contact the representatives of the authors of the drawings about the possibility of further use of the drawings for marketing purposes, for example, when preparing the 2023 calendar or other representative materials.

17. Prizes will be prepared and delivered to the pre-school educational institution within one month after the announcement of the winners, having agreed with the institution on the necessary sports equipment and materials required for the educational process.

18. Any complaints regarding the drawing competition are to be settled by mutual agreement between the representatives of VENDEN and the pre-school educational institution.

19. E-mail for communication in case of questions or objections: [email protected].

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